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The End of a very Long journay

that has yielded nothing bad

9/26/04 09:47 pm

look at me!!!

Look AT me MOVE!!!


i'm not sure how to do the whole click on it and take me to the journal thing so just find it like whoa

7/9/04 09:15 pm

SO I'm here in Heartsville TN. sitting on a hotel bed.

I lucked out and the cheap ass hotel my parents decided to stay at had free wireless internet.

Blah not much to say... I've been bored all day and have another half day in the car to look foward too. Isn't it exciting.

I'm so glad I'm flying home.

I'm also very glad my parents are talking about flying up to mass. to take me to college. I would prefer that so much. Considering were going twenty miles shorter this trip then we would be if we took me to salem.

Blah......... thank god my computer plays dvds.

7/8/04 07:02 pm

So I have had a preaty good week.

The kids are going ok

"go Team shiny Monkey"

last night was a lot of fun, I went to go see spiderman 2(again) with Chris G. I enjoyed it quite a bit. We then went to his house to play video games.... good times good times...

I got my hair cut tonight fun times, I didn't get it all cut off as I was planing but that might be next time.

7/6/04 08:55 pm

Today wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be at work. The kids wern't that bad, and I was with it for the most part. I really am tired of putting up with them, but they are fun sometimes. I had a good time except for the fact that I was tired like whoa, bc i couldn't sleep last night. But all in all a good night.

7/4/04 09:10 pm - For katie, and anyone else that can figure out what's going on

so the problume was i inhaled ooooo 2nd times for anything is allways better...

I guess it could be worse, o but not much worse......

7/4/04 08:46 pm

well, FUCK ME!

I thought I had something good, again. but I was wrong, again.

I give up. For once and all. I GIVE UP. It's to much work. to many faliures.

At least this ending wasn't as bad as some of the ones that I have had before, in fact it was the best worst......

I do want to thank the other person for not leading me on any more.... that I am grateful.

am I upset. of corse..... but who isn't when they loose something they thought they would have for a long time.

I give up.

I give up.

7/3/04 02:38 pm

Hey what are people doing on the 4th???

Because I really don't want to be stuck doing family shit, that would suck.

7/3/04 01:02 am - Episode 115: Leaving.

It's odd when I'm around High School students who have yet to graduate.... They care so much about everyone, even people they don't know so well (I did too) But what they and I failed to relize is that it doesn't matter.... It really doesn't matter. I think in my head 'why do they care so much about people they are never going to talk to again in a years time' when I coun't the number of people I still talk to its like 5, 5 people. Now granted i wan't one to go around and make friends with everyone...... but thats not who I am. Do i wish I talked talked to more.... it wouldn't be bad, but I have met new people, that I like better then 3/4 of the people I had talked too. I see people around town, and think "when I'm gone and don't see these people around town, we will never talk"

Now I dont mean for this entry to be all depresing and shit.... and I mean when your in HS it is your life..... so i mean I do get it.... I did it too, but I now know it didn't matter. But hey maybe it will.... maybe I'm talking to someone now that I will be friends with the rest of my life. Maybe I'm wrong, and a part of me Hopes I am.

(I don't feel like spell checking this, and I didn't thikn about what I was typign so yeah)

7/1/04 07:54 pm - I think I was bored

Everything you wanted to know twiceCollapse )

7/1/04 10:38 am - It's been a long long time

It's been a long time since I updated my journal with something important as oppose to just one liners that only half the people on my friends list will get. So I figure I'm sitting here at work, in the computer class, and nothing to do. (considering it's "free" day, the day before parents day, and there is only one kid in my class, where i usually have up wards of like 10)

So this is me posting something. I haven’t figured out what is so important about this entry yet.

So lets see, I've seen several movies lately, including The Stepford wives, The Chronicles of Riddock, The Notebook, and Fahrenheit 9/11. I've got to say I liked The Notebook and 9/11, the best out of the two. (even though TNB made me cry like a dirty dirty dirty women, that’s what I get for being an Idealist I guess, but I wouldn't give it up for the world)

Hmmmmmm what else can I tell you about my life, (what else do i WANT to tell you is the question)

I've had several amazing nights, in the past week..... It's been a lot of fun, and I really enjoy spending time with this person.
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