†yler (livingwords) wrote,

Episode 115: Leaving.

It's odd when I'm around High School students who have yet to graduate.... They care so much about everyone, even people they don't know so well (I did too) But what they and I failed to relize is that it doesn't matter.... It really doesn't matter. I think in my head 'why do they care so much about people they are never going to talk to again in a years time' when I coun't the number of people I still talk to its like 5, 5 people. Now granted i wan't one to go around and make friends with everyone...... but thats not who I am. Do i wish I talked talked to more.... it wouldn't be bad, but I have met new people, that I like better then 3/4 of the people I had talked too. I see people around town, and think "when I'm gone and don't see these people around town, we will never talk"

Now I dont mean for this entry to be all depresing and shit.... and I mean when your in HS it is your life..... so i mean I do get it.... I did it too, but I now know it didn't matter. But hey maybe it will.... maybe I'm talking to someone now that I will be friends with the rest of my life. Maybe I'm wrong, and a part of me Hopes I am.

(I don't feel like spell checking this, and I didn't thikn about what I was typign so yeah)
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